Society for Muscle Biology

Confirmed Speakers

Pascal Bernachetz  -  Carmen Birchmeier  -  Helen Blau  -  Andrew Brack  -  Thomas Braun - Joe Chakkalakal -   Benedicte Chazaud  -  Elizabeth Chen  -  Tom Cheung - Colin Crist  -  Peter Currie  -  Radbod Darabi  -  Jeffrey Dilworth  -  Dongsheng Duan  -  Penney Gilbert  -  David Goldhamer  -  Edgar Gomes  -  Clarissa Henry  -  Gabrielle Kardon  -  Michael Kyba  -  Elizabeth McNally - Foteini Mourkioti  -  Pura Munoz-Canoves  -  Eric Olson  -  Yusuke Ono  -  Rita Perlingeiro  -  Pier Lorenzo Puri  -  Olivier Pourquie  -  Janet Shipley  -  Stephen Tapscott - Francesco Saverio Tedesco   

Session Themes

Mechanisms of skeletal muscle development

Mechanisms of myoblast fusion and nuclear positioning

Muscle stem cell activation

Role of Notch signaling in muscle stem cell fate decisions

Epigenetic control of muscle stem cells

Induced pluripotent stem cells to generate myogenic progenitors

Bioengineering approaches for skeletal muscle modeling in vitro

Role of the microenvironment in skeletal muscle repair and disease

Muscular dystrophies


Frontiers in Myogenesis

Skeletal Muscle: Development, Regeneration and Disease

Marriott San Jose, Costa Rica.   September 23-28, 2019