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Frontiers in Myogenesis

Skeletal Muscle: Development, Regeneration and Disease
Costa Rica Marriott Hotel Hacienda Belen

San Jose, Costa Rica.   September 23-28, 2019

Late Abstract Submission 


Late abstract submission is now RE-OPENED and receipt deadline is August 16, 2019. There is a 2000 character limit (with spaces) for the abstract text. Please DO NOT include title and authors in the body of the abstract and keep the entire abstract in one paragraph.  Remember to include funding sources.  NO online revision of the abstract is available after submission.  Please review your abstract carefully on the preview page before submitting. Each person may be the first author and/or presenter of only one abstract, but may co-author additional abstracts.

Unless otherwise advised, all submitted abstracts will be accepted for poster presentation.  Poster themes:

  • Mechanisms of Skeletal Muscle Development/Myogenesis
  • Mechanisms of Myoblast Fusion
  • Signalling Pathways in Muscle Stem Cell Fate Decisions
  • Stem and Satellite Cells
  • Neural Influences
  • Environmental Influences
  • Musculoskeletal Interactions
  • Neuromuscular Junctions
  • Bioengineering Approaches for Skeletal Muscle Modeling
  • Muscle Regeneration
  • Muscle Ageing
  • Muscle-related Cancers
  • Muscle Diseases and Therapies

To submit your abstract please click here

The abstracts are processed via the website of the Society for Developmental Biology.  For questions please contact SDB at  with "Muscle Meeting Abstract Question" in the subject line, or call (301) 634-7815 during office hours (M-F, 8:30 am - 5 :00 pm, Eastern time).

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