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Zolt Arany ▪ Mary Baylies ▪ Carmen Birchmeier ▪ Helen Blau ▪ Steven Burden ▪ Kevin Campbell ▪ Colin Crist ▪ Peter Currie ▪ Delphine Duprez ▪ David Glass ▪ Michael Granato ▪ Stephen Hauschka (Keynote) ▪ Simon Hughes ▪ Gabrielle Kardon ▪ Louis Kunkel (Keynote) ▪ Doug Millay ▪ Andrea Münsterberg ▪ Eric Olson ▪ Bradley Olwin ▪  Olivier Pourquié ▪             Thomas Rando ▪ Michael Rudnicki ▪ Markus Ruegg ▪ Marco Sandri ▪ Frank Schnorrer (EMBO Young Investigator) ▪    Ronen Schweitzer ▪ Shahragim Tajbakhsh ▪ Stephen Tapscott ▪ Warren Tourtellotte ▪ Eldad Tzahor ▪  Jan Verschuuren ▪ Talila Volk ▪ Ken Walsh


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Molecular Mechanisms Modulating Skeletal Muscle Development and Homeostasis in Health and Disease

Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, CA, USA

June 6-11, 2016

Organizers:  Steve Burden (NYU), David Glass (Novartis) and Simon Hughes (King's College London)

Understanding and expanding the knowledge about muscle:  development, function, genetics, interaction with neurons and other cell types, disease and repair.